Empty Winter Pasture - February 21 2017

Empty Winter Pasture Waiting On Horses

With our spring-like weather pattern, my thoughts wandered to the return of the horses to an empty winter pasture of Cataloochee Ranch.

Empty Winter Pasture - February 21 2017

Our neighbor’s horses winter near Charleston, SC, and return each spring around the first of April. Normally, February is a time of snow, cold, and winter, but we are seeing weather that is much more like April. I was wandering around our field examining signs of spring when I instinctively looked at the pasture beside us to see the horses. Of course, they aren’t in the fields yet, but in just a few short weeks, a couple dozen horses will be grazing within our view.

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  1. Juno's mom on February 22, 2017 at 6:05 pm

    Horses are the best energy.

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