And the runners are off the starting line!

Gator Gauntlet 5K 2019 – Huntington Beach State Park

Huntington Beach State Park (South Carolina) is one of my favorite places for photography with the plethora of wildlife. I didn’t expect, however, to discover the Gator Gauntlet 5K 2019, a footrace through the most scenic parts of this gorgeous park.

Now I must admit that I rarely turn my camera on human subjects. Lots of reasons for that including the desire to respect the privacy of people enjoying themselves in the great outdoors. Other than the opening photograph of the runners leaving the starting line for the Gator Gauntlet 5K 2019, the photographs focus on the non-humans enjoying the race.

For those curious, one of the many species in the park includes alligators which gives the race its name. They are far too interested in the wide variety of meal choices to worry too much about silly humans, though.

When I get a chance to develop the photos, I will share some of the birds I saw on my latest trip. In the meantime, enjoy the race in this slideshow.

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