hazy skies from waterrock knob

Hazy Skies From Waterrock Knob

Hope everyone’s Independence Day weekend was safe and enjoyable. I spent a part of the weekend photographing the hazy skies from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

hazy skies from waterrock knob

Our weather is in that summer doldrum – hot and humid with a chance of thundershowers every day. In fairness, we could use a few days of steady rain, but will have to make do with the occasional thunderstorm.

The valleys can be very hot (90 degree plus weather is not unusual) and very humid. So, the best approach is to go for altitude. While we enjoy the weather of 5,000 foot elevations at the house, Waterrock Knob peaks out at 6,293 feet. The temperature was in the low 70’s with a steady breeze, making the humidity far less relevant to comfort.


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