Horses on the Hill at Cataloochee Ranch

Horses On The Hill

Mowing may never be a fun task, but catching a view of the Cataloochee Ranch horses on the hill makes tractor time more enjoyable. The setting sun added a gorgeous golden tint to the herd of horses and the pasture grass.

Of course, I don’t normally carry my camera with me when I am operating the tractor, but when I caught this view I knew I had to capture the photograph. Besides, what a better excuse to stop mowing for a while (photography is always a great excuse to postpone some chore). So, I drove the tractor back to the house, picked up my camera and telephoto lens, and drove back to the lower field. As I suspected, the horses were in no hurry to move along on such a gorgeous day, so they were graciously waiting for me to retrieve my camera equipment.

Now I was able to combine some of my favorite things – photography, horses, and the setting sun – and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the early summer evening. The horses mostly cooperated by staying in a fairly tight herd. The sun certainly cooperated with the golden glow it cast upon the field and horses.

Horses on the Hill at Cataloochee Ranch

Unfortunately, I had to stop soon enough so that I could finish mowing my own field before dark descended. But at least I had that gorgeous view.



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