Lake Junaluska #1 - September 9 2016

Reflections in Lake Junaluska

Sunny, blue sky walking day at Lake Junaluska. The reflections of buildings, trees and clouds shimmered in the calm water.

Lake Junaluska #1 - September 9 2016

A popular walking path circles the lake and offers near constant beautiful views of the water and the community that surrounds the lake. On a late summer day, the haze can still be seen against the more distant mountains, but the views across the lake are clear.

Lake Junaluska #2 - September 9 2016

The third and final photograph that follows is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) – a merging of seven separate photographs of the scene but at one stop difference each. The merging has the advantage of being able to highlight the contrasts better (clouds in the sky and reflections in the lake), but can make a photograph look less natural. I use the technique sparingly.

Lake Junaluska #3 - September 9 2016

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