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Imagination Conjuring Reality

Staring Steer

Staring Steer (Nope. Don’t Want to)

More than wild animals wander into our yard, as shown by this staring steer. He wandered over from next door and resented my suggestion he go home.

The horses of Cataloochee Ranch are the stars, but a herd of cattle also lives on the ranch through the summer. With the ranch approaching a thousand acres, even well-maintained fence lines can develop breaks. The cattle wander onto neighboring land in search of delicacies (and flower gardens are a favorite).

Normally, they travel in small herds, but this steer sauntered into our yard alone and confident. I went out to guide inside his fence (and to take some photographs, of course), and this stare was his response to my request to go home.

Staring Steer

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  1. Yeah he looks like he means business. I wouldn’t want to mess with him either. That look though. I love all your pictures. They are amazing.


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