Favorite Season Of The Year

Last month, I asked what your favorite season of the year was. Autumn was the huge winner with half the respondents choosing those crisp, clear days. Spring and summer essentially tied for second. Winter brought up the rear in a distant last place.

The comments (always my favorite part) lauded the changing colors, the cooling temperatures, and the activities of fall—Halloween, football, camping, and hiking.

Spring shares the feeling of change which many people like, but the crush of pollen and allergies detracts. As I sit here sniffling, I so agree. I love spring, but I love breathing too, and those two are in conflict.

Summer brings the long days, outdoor fun, and family vacations, but it also brings heat and humidity.

Poor winter may not have as many fans, but they are boisterous in their support for snow and winter sports. I know I love walking on the closed Blue Ridge Parkway during the winter, so I understand the comments.

To be fair, I should mention that many people—in fact, most—commented they loved multiple seasons. The four distinct seasons are one of the things I enjoy about living in Asheville.

Thank you, as always, for sharing your thoughts.

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