Favorite Wintertime Hot Drinks

I stumbled on a “hot” topic with this month’s survey as we set a record number of responses. The responses were fairly evenly spread between coffee, hot chocolate, and tea, though coffee certainly had the most supporters.

Favorite Hot Drink: Coffee 37%; Hot Chocolate 26%; Tea 23%, Cider 7%; Other 7%

As always, the comments are golden. I read absolutely every one of them and share the best with you.

I Know What I Like

Cappuccino is my favorite!

I adore hot cider during the winter. I should make it more often!

I love my hot coffee any time of day or weather. I never really got into hot chocolate unless it was made from scratch with a specific brand of chocolate bar that was grated and then prepared with milk.

So Many Choices

I like coffee, but if it’s too late in the day, give me a hot chocolate. I do like to sleep.

Coffee first—the elixir of life—with hot chocolate and cider as treats.

It really depends on the time of day: I like coffee in the morning, herbal tea in the afternoon and evening. Chocolate is good any time!

I sometimes also like a hot cup of tea. Oh and let’s not forget the cup of hot cocoa with a generous dash of peppermint schnapps

If it’s curling up with a book, then cider. If computer busyness, then it’s Constant Comment tea. Wakey wakey juice is reserved for first thing in the morning and drives in the car. Hot chocolate is for granddaughter days.

I put tea down, but honestly I’m just as likely to drink hot chocolate. My mom also makes an awesome drink of cranberry juice, red hots, and a pack of lemonade, so if that’s available, that’s my go-to.

A Little Something Extra

All of the above plus Gluwein (mulled red wine). It just depends on my thoughts for the day. Being retired and living in the mountains, it’s common to settle in with something warm in my mug.

Nighttime, I love Gluwein mulled hot wine.

Also Bailey’s Irish Cream!

International Flavor

I love Mexican hot chocolate. And have also had Colombian hot chocolate that you are given a stick of cheese to stir it with . . . which is amazingly delicious!

Costa Rica has an amazing eggnog drink with rum called rompope. I’m not typically a drinker, but I have every intention to sample rompope again this year.

A Personal Favorite

If I have to pick a favorite comment, it’s this one for somewhat obvious (to me) reasons. And, no, I didn’t answer my own survey:

Hot apple cider and one of your books would be my idea of a wonderful and maybe snowy afternoon!

The Most Creative Response (Maybe Too Much Caffeine)

Coffee warms me up on a cold day. I sometimes warm my toes and fingers up by gently inserting them into my mug. I have a fairly big mug but still, I can’t get my whole foot or hand in it. It takes a while but it is a good way to warm up them fingers and toes. And afterwards, you can lick the coffee off your fingers. I used to could lick it off my toes, but I got too big a belly to do that now.

This Sums Things Up

Drinking coffee makes the world a safer place for others!

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