Frequency of Spring Cleaning

In the last several weeks, I’ve seen numerous articles and debates about spring cleaning, so I asked readers whether they partake in the annual rite. The divided results demonstrate the many different approaches.

As always, the comments made my day.

I like the idea of spring cleaning, but I rarely make a point of cleaning just for spring. Usually, it’s more like “getting the house to look cleaned up enough for company” which only happens a few times a decade.

Spring cleaning may have been a regular feature/entertainment in my grandmother’s or great grandmother’s time. My mom had special cleanings during my childhood, when we were going to have company, during which we four each had specific tasks. In my adulthood, I continued the legacy of a good cleanup before expected company.

I am always trying to catch up with yard chores that didn’t get done the previous fall before the summer heat drives me indoors. No time or energy for household spring cleaning.

I don’t know if it is true spring cleaning. This is the time of year that I put my winter clothes away and pull out the summer/spring. This involves what should be donated/gotten rid of and what can still be kept. Also, having people over for Easter dinner always means a good scrubbing of the main part of the house where people will be.

I don’t believe in spring cleaning, especially when my girls were young. There were more important (& fun) things to do than clean. Besides, from spring into summer into fall are the times of year when everyone is out of the house more than in, so what’s the point of cleaning? Not to mention that is also when you are more likely to have windows wide open & on windy days, all the dirt from outside blows in. Why bother?

We spring clean all year long. For some reason unbeknownst to me, we either acquire more than we realize, or our possessions are breeding like rabbits. Either way, we downsize and clear closets all year long!

Spring is for outside. Cleaning is for the icky rainy days when you have read all your books.

For me, the whole-house deep cleaning thing happens when we have company. The longer the visit, the more intense the clean.

Good Intentions but it never seems to get done!

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