How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Every morning, I settle in my study to write. Dogs snooze on the floor. A steaming cup of strong coffee rests beside me. That cup of coffee has to be black. Absolutely no sugar or cream can be added.

I wondered about my readers. Do they add cream/milk, sugar, both, or none?

The answer, as this month’s survey revealed, is a very even split.

But numbers never tell the whole story. Or even the most entertaining part. It’s the comments that are the most fun. Here are your thoughts.

Let’s talk coffee no matter how you take it.

First sip in the morning is like ambrosia of the gods.

The best way to drink coffee is with friends and a pastry. 🙂

Got to have my daily 3 cups to get the motor going!


Yes, only one comment, but it summed up my thoughts exactly.

Absolutely always black, strong, and hot

Cream / Milk

My mother taught me to drink coffee black. She said it was the perfect drink until you started adding stuff to it. I still drink it black first thing in the morning (don’t laugh, I have a Keurig in my bathroom). However, I usually put cream or milk in it when I’m more awake. No sugars except when I’m going for one of those fancy drinks that cost way too much and really only have coffee as a flavor base.

I’ve morphed over the years. Started off milk and sugar. Then cream and sugar. Then black. Then with cream. Now with milk or creamer. lol


I have a little coffee with my sugar and cream.

When I first started drinking coffee in college, I drank it black. When I was living in another country that made coffee really strong, I started adding cream (aka half & half) and sugar . . . and now I can’t go back. 🙂

Currently I’m adding both milk & sugar. In weight loss mode, I’m more restrictive on the amount (up to 2 oz) and type (2%, not whole) of milk, and no sugar added. My son and husband accuse me of having coffee with my milk, but since we drink coffee strong, it works for me! Coffee is also great with cocoa + milk and/or sugar, and possibly Bailey’s!

Something Else

Coconut sugar & 1/2 and 1/2.

I enjoy a little drop of maple syrup in my coffee.

I like to add real maple syrup or natural honey to sweeten my coffee and a little shot of whip cream.

Irish Or French Press with no sugar cacao, half & half topped with whip sprinkled with cinnamon.

I put Cremora, the little singles, and use Skinny Mixes sugar free syrups in place of sugar or other artificial sweetener. The syrups are really good and come in a variety of flavors. Growing up it was milk and sugar, but I don’t like the taste it gives the coffee now.


I Drink Vietnamese Vincafe every morning! – dose me up with sugar, instant coffee & powdered creamer – just add hot water! Totally not healthy but oh so tasty!!

I’m not much of a coffee drinker but I do enjoy a cup of a good medium roast with sugar free vanilla syrup and some cream or flavored creamer. Some might say that’s not coffee but I enjoy it. I like it hot or iced. Don’t tar and feather me.


Only black tea for this Irish girl, a little sugar and milk

No coffee for me, thanks! I drink hot tea.

I don’t drink coffee or hot tea.

I am not a coffee drinker. I not only don’t like the taste, I don’t like the smell. I can’t drink my tea out of a cup that had coffee in it because the smell never leaves! My husband is a coffee drinker, only Silencer Smooth from Black Rifle Coffee, and only black. We have designated cups for ONLY coffee and cups for ONLY tea.

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