Salsa: Spicy or Not?

I do love a bowl of warm nachos, especially with some delicious salsa. In my younger days, I enjoyed a spicy salsa for zest, but find myself gravitating to more mild flavors today. I wondered about your preference, Dear Readers, so asked, do you prefer spicy hot, cooly mild, or somewhere in between?

As always, my favorite part of the survey is reading the many comments I receive. Here are some of the best.


If I don’t need a fire extinguisher, it wasn’t spicy enough!

Sweat dripping down my face. Mouth on fire. The burning in my gut. Sheer perfection!


I don’t mind a little zest . . . but I am a wimp!

I also enjoy peach salsa occasionally – delicious

When I eat salsa, I only eat salsa with mild, gentle spice. Although occasionally I delve into cheesy salsa or cheese dip! Those around me order hot & spicy or spicy medium salsas and picante sauce.

The best salsa is the one served alongside guacamole!


The place that serves it warm but it was like a secret you had to request it…that was my favorite!

A little spice in life is really nice!

Love salsa but some can be overwhelming. I want to be able to enjoy all the flavors .

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