Summer Vacation Plans

With the summer vacation season upon us, I asked how often you planned to take off. Like us, many of you have plans to stick as close to home as possible or do mini-vacations or day trips.

The following sampling of the comments show the consistent theme of weather, crowds, and expense that affect our vacation plans:

I stay close to home during the hot weather.

I would much rather plan a winter vacation to somewhere warm and sunny.

I hate both crowds and hot weather so I tend to avoid summer travel no matter the location unless it’s to a place that’s cool during the summer.

We avoid being outside in the summer as much as possible.

We choose to do our vacationing in the Fall when it finally cools down.

The fall and spring are usually better for trip planning (and sometimes cheaper).

Some years we plan one big vacation in the summer, some years it is small mini vacations, and some years we just stay home.

I love vacations but they are expensive. Living in North Carolina, there are plenty of places to go for a good two day escape.

Summer is too hot and buggy for my likes. Spring and fall are the best times.

We take our trips in the spring and fall. We do not have kids and prefer to go when fewer families are traveling so at best, summer is a day trip to the beach.

My favorite comment of the month should make many of you jealous.

I’m retired so every day is a vacation day!

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