When Does Spring Begin?

When I asked readers “When does spring begin?” I offered three choices, but you came back with more varied answers.

When I asked this month’s question, I thought about three dates: meteorological spring (March 1), daylight saving time (March 12), and astronomical spring (March 20). Your answers, though, showed me I wasn’t thinking broad enough. Many of you suggested looking to Mother Nature for guidance: flowers blooming or when temperatures stayed above freezing.

Other answers included Easter, the Ides of March, allergies, and various sporting events.

Here’s a sampling of some of the great comments I’ve received:

When my Spring fever breaks!

Spring can’t come early enough.

When the breeze is soft, snow melts some days, and I begin to think I need a lighter jacket.

When NASCAR runs the Daytona 500.

When the daffodils start popping up, it starts to feel like spring.

When I see the crocus leaves emerging above ground.

When the spring birds begin to sing in the morning, the first flowers of the season start to bloom, the grass begins to turn green again, and the temperatures tease us with the hope of the warmer weather to come

When the weather changes and I can begin working outside getting the garden ready for planting.

The first appearance of hummingbirds!

After the robins come back, it snows one more time. That’s when spring starts—when I see robins shivering in snow.

When the sun rises before I am out the door with the dog.

When my pollen allergies take over my world.

Whenever you celebrate the start of spring, may it be glorious and warm. And go take this month’s survey here.


  1. Cynthia Evans on March 2, 2023 at 6:31 pm

    Spring begins to me when it starts raining a lot. When daffodils and crocuses emerge. Tulips too. And when frogs croak. That is when I feel Spring arrives. I can smell it in the air, DK. And I get some Spring Fever too. A restlessness. I write poetry about it. And I walk outside as much as possible. I jump in puddles with my colourful garden boots! I have a child within me always. I always enjoy your poetry, DK. You touch my heart with it. Blessings. Cynthia Evans aka Poe aka PoetryNEmotion.

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