When Should Christmas Music Play?

The calendar may say November, but Christmas is already everywhere. Some houses in my neighborhood already have Christmas decorations glowing. Stores have long had displays and merchandise stocked for the big day.

But I know many people think it’s too early, so I had to ask, “When should Christmas music play?” An overwhelming majority of 76% of you think the music should wait until after Thanksgiving. On the other end of the spectrum, 7% believe Christmas music should always be acceptable.

When should Christmas Music play?

As always, the comments are golden. I read absolutely every one of them and share the best with you.

One month of Christmas music is enough! And I love Christmas music.

I love hearing Christmas music but get burned out by the time Christmas actually arrives

I get tired of hearing Grandma got ran over by a reindeer, All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and (shiver, shiver) I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Who in their right mind, or even in their deranged mind, would want a darn Hippo for Christmas?

Three weeks plus of Christmas music is enough. Now Hallmark Christmas movies….they start Oct 20 and I am all in!!

While Christmas is my favorite holiday, I do want to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving. Starting the Christmas music after Thanksgiving is the perfect timing for me.

December is a good time for Christmas music.

I guess now would be a really bad time to admit I’ve already been jamming out to some Christmas tunes. I do love the season! (And Halloween and Thanksgiving)

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