House in snow winter surprise

A Little Winter Surprise With First Snow

Our high has climbed all the way up to 19ºF (-7ºC). Ok, the wind drove that down to a wind chill of 11ºF, but still not too bad. But the real winter surprise of the day was that our snow flurries fell a little heavier than expected. Not enough to really cover things or cause problems, but enough to give us our first pretty winter snow scenery of the year.

House in snow winter surprise



Driveway in snow


Our first measurable snow fall is in late October or early November, so this is the latest first snow that we can remember, Not sure if that means the rest of the winter will be mild . . . or if payback is going to be fun for the second half.

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  1. carolyn on January 4, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    So lovely! It must be so peaceful up there…oh wait, except for all the howls and wooings. :).

    Congrats on the snow and I hope the Herd is spending the day outside!

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