Hemphill Bald Timelapse Project

Sneak Peek – Current Sunset Timelapse Project

I am spending my May evenings capturing sunsets in our mountains for a timelapse project that should be published in June.

Timelapse is one of those fun photography projects that really tests your patients. At a fairly typical 24 frames per second for video, a simple 10-second clip in a film takes 240 photographs. If you are taking those at 5-second intervals, that means twenty minutes of photography. Of course, you tend to take far more photographs than that to allow for errors and issues, so you can literally take hours of photographs – and an equal amount of developing time – just to get a few seconds of a timelapse video.

With a stretch of gorgeous weather, I have set out on a project to capture various sunset images for a timelapse. Based on the current status of the project, I would expect to release the video by early June.

In the meantime, here is a teaser – a couple of selected photographs from the thousands of photographs taken this far. Enjoy them and be on the lookout for the video coming soon.

Previous projects can be found on my YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/dkwall .

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NOTE – To view larger, select any image and then use the arrows below the photographs to scroll on a non-touch screen OR just swipe on a touchscreen.

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