Spring Wildflowers - Fleabane - May 10, 2017

Spring Wildflowers – An Excuse Not To Mow

One of the great advantages of rural living is a different mindset about lawns. We don’t fertilize or spread herbicides, preferring a much more natural look to the fields that surround our house. Add in an abundance of both rain and sunshine this spring, and our fields are alive with spring wildflowers.

We do mow the fields periodically, good protection from both wildfires and larger wildlife, though there is plenty of wild in the rhododendron and forest surrounding us. The first mowing typically occurs by mid-May, so it is time for me to fire up the tractor and hook up the mowing deck. But as I looked out this morning at the wildflowers glistening in the sunrise, I decided to spend the morning with the camera instead. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Jane on May 11, 2017 at 8:38 am

    We don’t do anything to our lawn as well. We are about the only ones in our neighborhood that doesn’t, but we don’t believe in poisoning the earth anymore than what it already is and besides we have dogs and everyone I know that deweeds their lawns have lost their dogs to cancer. We moved into this house 5 years ago. The previous owner use to spray his yard. The other house we lived in, we lived there for 14 years. We never sprayed anything. We had our dog Roxy for 6years before moving here. A year later I started finding lumps on her. We ended up putting her down because she ended up full of cancer. I pray to God that Bruce and Penny never ends up with it. I hope that after 5 years that is has washed out. You have amazing flowers in your field. I can definitely see why you would rather take pictures instead of mowing it. Thank you for sharing.

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