Cataloochee Ski next door is certainly happy with some fresh powder.

Snowy Morning

We finally had our first measurable snow of the season, so it was a perfect snowy morning to wander around the yard with the camera.

Our next door neighbors at Cataloochee Ski were certainly happy with some fresh powder. We have a second storm that will hit us Friday and Saturday, adding about a foot of fresh snow to those slopes. Should be some incredible skiing.

Cataloochee Ski next door is certainly happy with some fresh powder.

In addition to some incredible skiing, the dogs are really going to be ready for some deep snow fun. The view to our east shows the playground for our Siberian Huskies (aka, Sibe Quentin) as well as the fog settled on the valleys below us.

The view of Sibe Quentin and The Herd's playground.

I love the rain chains hanging on our patio. The original plan was to have regular downspouts, but the guy installing the gutters suggested rain chains instead. They are so fun to watch in the rain and make great ice features in cold weather. The first picture shows the ice that has formed. The second picture captures a single drop of water falling beside them.

Frozen rain chain.



Love this picture of a water drop falling beside the rain chain.


My grandfather’s house had a bell similar to this one near the back door. It was used to call him up from the fields when a meal was ready. We never actually use ours, but I love that I have one near the house. It reminds me of my grandfather whenever I walk past.

Snow covered bell.

One of the landscape lights covered in fresh snow.

Snow covered landscape light.

We have two chimeras – one on either side of the front door. The thought is they ward off evil spirits. Must work since we never have visitors. I am sure that hasn’t nothing to do with the fact that our house is way off the beaten path. (By the way, gargoyles are similar, but are actually downspouts for water.)

Chimera in the snow



The second chimera.


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  1. carolyn on January 21, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Love these glimpses of other things!!!

  2. Jane on January 21, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    I love seeing all your pictures and I am so happy the herd has finally gotten some snow and more to come for them to play in.

  3. May on January 22, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Love the rain chain! It surly beats the normal rain gutter look. Thanks for sharing the beautiful snowy day! I am sure the herd can’t wait for more SNOW!!

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