A cleared driveway and path to the firewood bins.

The Day After the Storm – Snowy Pictures

The day after the storm, so time to get outside and start clearing a path. Of course, I can’t help but take some photos as I am clearing snow.

The first picture is from the top of my driveway looking down our road. Since we live at the very end of the road, we can often go days without a car coming. As soon as the snow stopped, however, our awesome postal carrier delivered a package that would not fit in the mailbox. No one else has ventured to the end of our road. In fairness, few people venture out this far when the weather is clear.

The road was plowed yesterday and our amazing mailman delivered a package a day after the storm

The next two pictures show the power of composition. The first picture is the upper field just to the West of our house. The second picture is the same field, but from a slightly different angle. I used the young sapling in the foreground to give the picture some depth.

A view of the upper field.


A lone tree in the field above our house.

But enough playing, time to pay attention to the snow removal. The first order is always to clear enough snow to access the firewood bins and the top of our driveway.

A cleared driveway and path to the firewood bins.

And, finally, I wanted to give a little sense of the depth of snow from this most recent snowfall.

The snow depth was 16-20 inches across the entire driveway.

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  1. Carolyn on January 23, 2016 at 1:56 pm


  2. Jane on January 23, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    Love the pictures. I bet the herd is having a ball in that much snow. I know Aries did. We got that much snow in one storm once and he was just in heaven. Have a wonderful weekend.

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