Various New Year’s Eve Options

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When I was younger, New Year’s Eve had to be spent out. Nowadays, I have better New Year’s Eve options than getting out in crowds.

My interest in animation started with my interest in photography. The reality is that storytelling and photography share a great deal. A photographer is faced with the same scene as everyone else, but the photographer¬†sees the light, the shadow, the color, the angle. And, in timelapse photography, the photographer adds movement. Thus, the photographer may “see” the same view as everyone else, but he/she highlights pieces of the scene in a way to flush out the story.

A storyteller does the same. The scene is a recollection, an event, but the storyteller recounts the sights and sounds that highlight the story.

Laughing at one of my stories, a friend commented, “Wish I had been there.”

“But you were,” I protested.

“Yes,” she said, “but you just remember it better than I do.”

And that is storytelling. Makes for a lousy witness for the prosecution, but is entertaining. But, then again, any photographer knows that a picture is “a” truth, not “the” truth.”

The merger between photography and storytelling is animation. I have dabbled in it with the various “gif’s” used to illustrate the stories told. Today, however, I present a slightly longer form. Because a “gif” of this length would be way too large to play for most people, I have opted to evolve to the video format on YouTube. Since the artforms are similar in many ways, both my timelapse and animation will appear in this YouTube channel –¬† .

The backstory should be quite obvious. I have hit an age where going out on New Year’s Eve is not high on my list of fun. In fact, for the past several years, I have not even been awake at midnight. Funny, I have not missed it at all.

And so I present my first “full-length” animation – New Year’s Eve Options.

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