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Moonlight On The Marsh

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During our vacation at Huntington Beach State Park (SC), we were returning from a dinner in a restaurant. As we began to cross the causeway, we noticed the brilliant full moon rising in the east and the moonlight sparking off of the clear waters of the marsh. After dropping my passengers off, I returned with camera and tripod and stood on the edge of the marsh to capture this image.

Now, of course, I was using a slow shutter speed to bring as much light as possible into the photograph, so the surroundings were much darker to the human eye. In fact, all I could see was the glimmer of the moon off of the water. I could hear much more, though, as large birds took flight from the tree behind me and creatures splashed in the fresh water on the other side of the causeway. The fact that alligators lived in that fresh water certainly crossed my mind a time or two.

NOTE : You may click the photo below for a full screen view if you wish.

Moonlight on the marsh at Huntington Beach State Park

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