Don't Touch Me

Turtle Savior To The Rescue And Other Photographs

Today’s collection of random photographs includes a common snapping turtle who resisted its own rescue by a turtle savior.

Don’t Touch Me – The turtle was ambling across the entrance to the camping area at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC. With every multi-ton RV turning, the turtle was in grave danger.

Unfortunately, snapping turtles aren’t exactly happy about being touched. Check out the nails on those feet and you know you don’t want to feel them digging into a helping hand any more than that beak finding purchase. We used a bicycle to guard the turtle from traffic until a helpful maintenance crew member with a snow shovel sped up our friend’s journey across the pavement. The last we saw, our new friend was frolicking in the mud.

Flamingo Reflections– Many campers mark their campsites with colorful flags, signs and decorations, such as this pair of flamingos. A morning rain puddled on the road, doubling the number of pink guards.

Swimming Cormorants – “You should see the one that got away.” This pair of cormorants were doing quite the show of synchronized diving – until I pulled the camera out. They steadfastly refused to return to diving until I left.

Tree – I have always loved the Spanish Moss hanging from the trees in the Low Country of South Carolina. In this case, the tall tree was silhouetted against the sky.

Power Line Infinity – Late evening. Sun had already set. And I noticed how the row of power poles aligned into the distance.

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  1. DJ Riendeau on March 20, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    I never knew turtles had such long nails! Thanks for the photographs!

  2. PAT HANSON on March 20, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    My elder brother had a run in with a snapping turtle. We were young, on a vacation and he found the turtle. Being the budding biologist he was, he picked up the turtle and looked him in the eye. BIG MISTAKE. That turtle had a much longer neck than he anticipated. My brother ended up in the ER… BUT I can’t remember if the turtle was still attached to him when they drove off to the hospital.

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